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Modest Beginning

The company from the modest beginning of being involved in petroleum products brokerage or commission agency business, graduated to the level of directly purchasing products jointly with other small companies like it. Lado Oil is one of the very few Independent Petroleum marketers that could be said to have steady gaze on the future and is equally upwardly mobile.

It is noteworthy to say that the company is miles ahead of so many of its contemporaries that teamed up with it in those days of little beginning to jointly buy products. Due to its resolute focus on growth, the company was able to marshal its modest resources wisely to the level where it started buying and selling petroleum products singly.

First Service Station (2004)

Its foray in this line took the company to the level of buying products from Lagos depot and selling same within Lagos, Ogun and Oyo states. This enterprise took the company to such states as Kwara, Plateau and Kaduna states in the Northern part of Nigeria. The culmination of the above activities led to the acquisition of the first landed property of the company in Ijaiye-Ojokoro Road, Alagbado area of Lagos State for its first Service Station.

Despite the harsh economic and hostile societal challenges that the company faced during the construction of this Station, the company went through thick and thin to commission the Station in 2004.

Service stations commissioned (2008 - 2013)

The success story of the company continued with the commissioning of Sango Service Station in 2008, Ikorodu Service Station in 2011, Ishaga Service Station in December 2012 and the fifth Service Station along Ikotun-Egbe road in October 2013. The company is presently headquartered at the Ishaga Service Station. This station is uniquely and strategically positioned along Ishaga – Oke-Aro, Alagbado Road. It is the only and first station on that road from Fagba Junction Iju Road, a stretch of about two kilometers.

The Head-office is equipped with modern and sophisticated technology that is adding value to its operations and efficiencies. The success voyage and story of the company will not be complete without mentioning its Distribution business. As a company reputed for taking up and surmounting seemingly insurmountable challenges; it delved into the scary Petroleum distribution and haulage business in 2009.

With a modest beginning of one truck in 2009, the company as at present has built a fleet of over thirty delivery trucks. The company has established a reputation of integrity, prompt and efficient distribution and delivery system of Petroleum products to a Network of Filling Stations within Lagos and its environs. The company is still very much prepared and strategically focused to expand its horizon in the Industry.